is a blend / corporation / group of creatives and technicians who strive to deliver visual beauty. 

“We create emotions


Concept development

In collaBoration with our cLient, An individual, a team or the marketing and communications department of a company,

we come up with ideas, we Build a concept and create a pLan to present and promote your ‘product’ or your cAmpaign.

Art Department 

For photoshootsfor motion picture. 

Tv programs, Commercials, Video clips, Films.

We think along with producers and directors.

We BuiLd the decor. We decorAte the set. We style the space/location.

Striving to deliver perfection in ‘frame’.

Interior Design

Public interios like hotels, restaurants, stores,

spaces of general/public usage.

We help you create your idenity, define your own style and turn that into a ‘speaking interior’. 


For photoshoots, for brands, books and magazines. We speak with moodboards. We set the mood.

We create the set. We awake emotions. 

Art consultancy

We are very art-driven. We advice/help you make the right choice

choosing a characteristic art piece for your environment.

Weather its your residence, your office, hotel, restaurant, club,

and weather it is a future investment or a temporary adventure

we are here to help you make the right choice.